An integrated program with Physicists, Biologists, Chemists, Mathematicians

A unique place where you can be trained as Physicists, Biologists, Chemists, Mathematicians,
and ask new questions with biological significance.

A program with an authentic complementarity between scientific fields

    • Molecular, Cell, Developmental Biology
    • Imaging
    • Numerical Simulations
    • Electronics
    • Machine Shop
    • Microfabrication
    • Microfluidics

Recruitment :

Academic files and Interview

Duration :

September - June

Rotation :

4 months in a laboratory


Systems Biology : how signaling networks organize into logic modules with feedback loops

Cell Physics : how the cell shape is set

Developmental Biology : how organisms grow (model systems)

Statistical Mechanics : how living matter and large number of interacting objects can be translated into equations with predictive power

Collective effects : how new scales appear

Experimental Physics : how to prepare cells and model systems to explore them experimentally

Chemical Biology : how to select grafting and screen strategies

Hosted by the Physics Master


Molecular Biology : how to prepare DNA vectors

Cell Biology : how to manipulate and observe cells

Developmental Biology : how to manipulate and observe model organisms

Numerical Simulations : how to compute dynamics of cells and tissues in silico

Machine Shop : how to build new mechanical elements for experimental set-ups

Microfabrication and Microfluidics : how to build µm size objects in 2 and 3 dimensions (cells holders and liquid droplets)

Electronics : how feedback loops operate

Imaging : how to capture cells and model systems with optimal resolutions and methods

Scientific council

Jean-Marie Lehn



ISIS, Strasbourg, France

Jacques Prost



Institut Curie, Paris, France

Mike Sheetz



Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore and Columbia University, New York, USA


Daniel Riveline

Cell Physics, Strasbourg

Management Board

Daniel Riveline, Physics, Strasbourg

Joseph Schacherer, Biology, Strasbourg

Nicolas Giuseppone, Chemistry, Strasbourg

Laurent Navoret, Maths, Strasbourg