Reisch Andreas


  • Maître de conferences (Assistant professor) in biophysics
  • Université de Strasbourg à Faculté de Pharmacie
  • Laboratoire de Biophoonique et Pharmacologie (UMR 7213)
  • Equipe Nanochimie et Bioimagerie

My research focuses on the design of functional polymeric materials for biomedical applications. I am combining polymer synthesis and physical chemistry to assemble materials with precisely defined organization, functionality, and responsiveness. A major aim of my work is to control the interactions between polymeric materials and biological systems. Most recently I am working on ultrabright fluorescent polymer nanoparticles and their use in bioimaging(1).

After studies of chemistry with specialization in polymer chemistry and physical-chemistry at the universities of Stuttgart and Dresden and at the école Européenne de Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux (ECPM) in Strasbourg, I completed a Ph.D. thesis on biomimetic polymer surfaces at the Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg in 2009. During my postdoctoral studies at the Florida State University, Tallahassee, I then developed saloplastic polyelectrolyte complexes. A subject I continued working on during a postdoc at the University of Strasbourg alongside the development of mechano-responsive materials, before joining the faculty in 2012.