Charvin Gilles

Systems Biology

Group leader at the IGBMC since 2011


  • Ph.D. Single Molecule Biophysics, ECOLE NORMALE SUPERIEURE, Paris, France 2004
  • M. Sc. Interface Physics/Biology, UNIVERSITEE PARIS VII, Paris, France 2000
  • B.S. Physics, ECOLE NORMALE SUPERIEURE, Lyon, France 1999

Research interests
The teams combines yeast genetics, quantitative imaging, mathematical modelling and microfluidics to understand cellular homeostatic systems at the single cell level, such as the control of cell size, the response to oxidative stress and the control of replicative longevity.
Over the last years, the team has pioneered new microfluidics-based methodology to allow quantitative imaging over multi division timescale in yeast and used this technique 1) to identify a new mechanism of size homeostasis in budding yeast 2) to characterize the dynamics of the transition to senescence 3) to discover and to characterize a new mechanism of resistance to severe hydrogen peroxide stress.