October to February

Systems biology : G. Charvin/A. Dejaegere/N. Molina

  • Noise in expressions and its consequences
  • Basic circuits in systems biology
  • Experimental design and models
  • Links with electronics
  • Omics and identification of networks/motifs

The biology of population : J. Schacherer

  • Yeast as a model system
  • Genome and its study
  • Model and experiments in the fields

Model systems / reconstituted systems 

  • C. elegans (S. Jarriault/S. Quintin)
  • Mouse and epigenetics (M.E. Torres Padilla)
  • Zebrafish and the heart (J. Vermot)
  • Drosophila : dynamics (T. Lecuit/ P.F. Lenne/J.L. Imler/C. Meignin/Y. Bellaïche)
  • Actin in vitro (A.C. Reymann/M.F. Carlier)
  • Plants and development (O. Hamand/A. Boudaoud)
  • Physics of fission (S. Morlot)

Classics in Biological Physics : Daniel Riveline

  • Analysis of classical articles and Recent developments